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Manuel - San Antonio (Mar 2011)
Sir, I want to thank you for the chance to play in your chess tournament and even though I did not win, it was fun and did not cost anything. I seen true to your word you gave out a free chess game. Please let me know when you have your next tournament.
Lilly - Ft Sill, OK  (June 2010)
Thank you for the discount that you gave us and we did not realize it until we were going over our credit card reconcilliation and seen where the bill was $30 less. Getting a card asking us how we liked our additional discount was very nice. If you treat your customers like this all the time you know we will always have you as a first choice! Father's Day was made extra special and now we wish we would have ordered more. Oh, and Dad was super happy with his gifts as well.
Roland - San Antonio, Texas
Nate, thanks for taking care of us even when you closed your old shop. We are looking forward to your new location.
Javier - San Antonio, Texas
Wow, you know my wife is raving about the way she could give her age and you told her what vitamins she should be taking and how many of each. After a month she notices a difference and I have as well in her mood as well as she is losing weight too. After that I got me some other ones for men and I am very happy. It's a bit pricey, but it works and that is what is important. I know that I can trust my body is really using it and it is not just going through the body and into the toilet.
Virginia - Mesa, Arizona
I like your specials, but they run too short. By the time I had my money together you were running another special. Do you think you can run your specials longer like say a month? I have bought from you before and I love the service and the products. Your vitamins and suppliments are great!
Manny - San Antonio, Texas
Nate, I got your card and I want to thank you because I have never had a business send me a card thanking me for being a loyal customer. I could tell it was not a blanket card that is sent out and you just change the names as it had information in it which only you and I had talked about. So, you know the wife and me will be coming more often as we see you care about us as your customers. Here is to wishing you a wonderful and successful 2010!
Grace - Denton, Texas
Allperfectgifts I want you to know that even though I am 75 I have learned to use the computer and I am sending you this email to thank you not only for the card, but most of all for the fine product you sold me. I threw my other protable electric heater out and your Safehearth is by far superior.  Fell free to plae my comments in your testimonials as I am another satisfied customer.
I relocated here because of my husband's job and it was from a warmer place Florida of all places. The people here do not seem to be cold yet and I am dredding the winter months. I bought your safehearth, and todate I have used it plenty in the evenings. Just wanted to say it is great and there are a couple of locals that may be buying from you as well. Hey, thanks for the card too as no business has ever sent a personalized thank you card to us.
Mai - Los Angeles, Ca
The steamer is great. I have used it for over a month and I am purchasing more for my family members and bringing them into the 21st Century.
Jim - San Antonio, Texas
After watching you help this lady get the dried up fingernail polish off of the floor with that all purpose cleaner of yours, I just had to try this stuff out and it really, really works! If you check your online site you will see where I have ordered more of this product.
Frank - San Antonio
Nate, dude that all purpose cleaner you gave is something else. The wife did the dishes and cleaning, then she tried the washing of clothing and it was great. I used it on the car and man, let me tell you, it was not the outside, but the inside that impressed me. My carpet and seats have never been so clean, they look like new. This stuff is a gold mind and you are selling it way too cheap for what all it can do. If you raise the price, I am hoping that I can still pay what I am now.
Jane - Takoma Washington
I do not know if you remember I ordered from your site back in January 2009, your Essentials for Life? I thought they were a bit pricey at first, but now I am a believer and will be ordering in the future. I have a couple of friends I have told about this product. After taking them for a month I have seen marked improvements.
Arturo - Houston, Texas March 2009
Thanks for the air purification unit. It works even better than you said it would. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but it is performing beyond mine and my wife's expectations. We followed your suggestion about the bedding with the purifier and man does it smell nice now! We are buying the water purification unit next if that lay-a-way plan still works for that as well.
Gomez - San Antonio, TX
Thank you for the great deal on our oil painting. My Mother was very happy with it. We went to the art shop where you told us to get the framing and like you said it was done professionally and not expensive at all when we used your name. Again many thanks and we will be buying more.
Jeannine - San Antonio, TX
ecoH - Allpurpose cleaner
Just wanted to let you know we let our mother use the all purpose cleaner on a mystery spot on her carpet. It took the stain right out, just wanted you to know it really works!
Andrew 1-800-GOTJUNK San Antonio Texas
Just wanted to let you know, I let a friend of mine use the ecoH cleaner and it saved him a lot of money! He was trying to sell his house and it failed a mold and mildew inspection. He got a quote of what it was going to cost him to fix the problem and it was going to cost a few thousand dollars. Well he used the ecoH and it worked and his home passed the inspection! Just thought you would want to know that.
Regina Rumplik - Browns Mills, NJ
My family and I tested the Fresh Air purifier for about a week. We have six animals: 2 dogs and 4 cats (with 4 litter pans). One of the first things I noticed after about 24 hours of continuous use, was the smell of the litter pans, or rather, the lack of smell from the litter pans... I'd recommend this machine to any household. If it can pass the test of a family with 6 pets, it can pass anything.
John Mooney - The Positive Image
Within a day, employees were commenting that the usual odors associated with the [photo] lab were no longer present. The second purifier was installed in the office [we had been having a problem with musty odors there] on a Friday afternoon... When we came in Monday, all of the odors were gone. Thanks for introducing me to such a fine product. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen (smelled) it for myself.
John Thomas - Shady Hollow Country Club
I was skeptical at first, however the results have been nothing short of amazing. From musty cigar odor to a consistent fresh environment. We will in the future be looking at the installation of additional units in appropriate areas of the club. Thank you for all your assistance.
Leslie & Cliff Boxer
This picture is my wife Leslie and I in the laundry room of our home. We feel the biggest benefit is not having soap and bleach chemicals against our skin. We were amazed at how white the whites became and how soft the clothes became. A visible stain came off our daughters shirt, the very first wash. We pre-treat tough stains, but to our amazement the clothes were clean load after load, without using soap!
Dust mite Pillows
M Masters SA, TX
Thank you so much for answering my emails and educating me on dust mites. I took your advice and I purchased your dust mite covers for the matresses and the pillows to include the pillow cases and I am happy with them as well as the rest of my family! We do not have the same problems that we had before. Thank you so much.
G Baker  San Antonio
Thank you for all of your assistance and now that we have had the Powerworx system for over 8 months we see the difference in our utility bills as we are saving between 20 - 50 dollars every month and we are well below from the same time period of the previous year's use.
H Hinajosa  SA TX
Thank you for the card in the mail, as we were surprised to receive one thanking us for our business. Most Internet places get your business and maybe have a thank you online, but you took the time to place a thank you in the mail and that is special!