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CHESS TOURNAMENT 27 January 2018 (cancelled)!
          24 FEB 2018

It is and elimination game of 20 minutes. There are no brackets once a player loses they are out of the tournament. Winners keep on advancing.

There is no cost to as you must  . you just send and email to [email protected] with you first initial and your last name and that is it you are entered. You can also come by the before this date on the weekends and signup.

Minors must be accompanied by their guardian or parent at the 10:30 . Once we know that they have permission to the parent or guardian does not have to remain if they do not want to. The only exception are school . Their school instructor must accompany the class and this is then for the children to .

Because the tournament is free and because we want to promote the best of chess and the art of playing the following will be cause for elimination from the tournament:
  - Being coached from the side lines either vocally, signs, or any other means of aiding the player while they are playing.
  - Verbal abuse or aggressive actions especially against a child will not be tolerated.


 24 Feb 2018!

Open game! In order to play for a prize you must show up at 10:30. Those coming after 10:30 can play, but not for the prize.

Champion Circle:
2017 Grand Champion G. Soberanes
T. Anasavage September 3 time Champ
R. Flores Sr. July 2017 2 time Champ
G. Soberanes June 2017 4 time champ
R. Cruz May 2017 1st time champ
T. Anasavage  April 2017  2 time champ
T. Anasavage  March 2017 1 time champ
A. Hemphill February 2017  3 time Champ
L. Cortez January 2017

G Soberanes November 2016  3 time Champ
G. Soberanes October 2016 2 time Champ
The King  September 2016
A. Hemphill 2nd time champ August 2016
J. Perez  1st time Champ July 2016
 No champion June 2016
Ms. Gieslason & D Valdez came so a stalemate May 2016
 1 time Champ April 2016
G. Soberanes  1 time Champ March 2016
R. Correa        4 time Champ Feb 2016, July, August, September 2015

J. Silva           1 time Champ October 2015
A. Hemphill     1 time Champ June 2015

    Valdez        1 time Champ May 2015

R. Flores Sr     1 time Champ April 2015

M.Machio        1 time Champ  Mar 2015

R. Flores Jr     2 time Champ  Feb 2015
Ivan      2014 Chess  3 time Champ
R. Flores 2014 beat Ivan  on an un-timed game.